Hemnesberget 1984

Hemnesberget 1984


It started in a small boat-building community in Norway


I have done many different things…

After completing 15-month service in the Norwegian Army Corps of Engineers, inclusive of requisite pre-engineering classes, I accepted a position as a mechanic in a local ship yard in my home town of Hemnesberget in Norway (picture above). Primary duties included installation of vital systems for commercial fishing vessels including Hydraulic Steering Systems, Cranes, Net-haulers, Diesel Engine Installations and configurations, Generators, and Pump Systems. That opportunity helped bolster a broad knowledge base of critical commercial vessel systems. After almost 4 years in the shipyard in addition to completing additional engineering courses, I was hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Ship Mechanic, and within two years was selected to attend training in Sweden to become an Assistant Refrigeration Engineer for the company. Consequently, my tenure included contracts on 4 different ships before leaving the company.

Many additional years in the Mechanical and Automation industries working with complex mechanical and control systems, provided the additional technical insight required to fully understand and assess modern vessel systems incorporating mechanical and micro-processor (computer) based systems.

My experience as a Ship Mechanic and Refrigeration Engineer working on multiple systems on larger ships, plus extensive work with recreational boats from 20' to 50' in size help position me to survey power vessels of all sizes. While reviewing systems on larger commercial boats is my forte, my focus is on clients who own or are planning to purchase a pleasure craft.



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The picture

  • The above picture is from 1984

  • 4 fishing vessels, all built in the town’s ship yard came in for repairs at the same time.

  • I worked on some of these fishing boats. They were modern in 1984, equipped with all the latest technologies.